9 May 2022
Europe Day 2022

Europe Day held on the 9th of May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. Coinciding with this celebration, from Unite! we reflect on the meaning of today's Europe and the role that education plays in...

28 April 2022
Last Call to apply for Unite!4Future: share your vision of the university of the future and win a trip to Grenoble!

Gather a team of students in Unite! universities, prepare a video with your vision of the university of the future, send it to us before the 15th of May and compete with other teams to win an all-expenses-paid...

27 April 2022
Unite!’s student recommendations will contribute to shape the future of Europe

Ten Unite! students have participated in the drafting of 89 recommendations that the European Students' Assembly has shared as policy proposals at the Conference on the Future of Europe.

20 April 2022
Learn the essentials of machine learning systems this summer

Get to know the essentials of Human-centered Machine Learning, in this practical and innovative bachelor's level summer course

8 April 2022
Unite! Internship Opportunity for this summer

As a Program Assistant to join the Summer School team in Aalto University

6 April 2022
IDEM, university student mobility that integrates Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Unite! alliance is committed to the implementation of a new model of inclusive European student mobility through the Erasmus+ IDEM project

4 April 2022
New Mission Statement 2030 leads the way forward for the coming years

Unite! wants to pave the way for the excellence in research, innovation and education that is essential to meet the challenges of our time. Our Mission Statement 2030 embodies these commitments and is the...

29 March 2022
Unite! supports the manifesto for the future of universities in Europe

The Manifesto presents the students’ ideas on the future of Higher Education in Europe, as well as some recommendations to make European universities more in line with their expectations.

23 March 2022
Applications open to Unite!'s Master’s Programme in Communications and Data Science

This master's programme allows you to choose between three European universities, to advance your knowledge in the broad field of computer networks and cybersecurity, and gain professional experience through...

15 March 2022
Unite! presents its strategic roadmap towards open science in the digital age

It includes objectives, recommendations and actions that the universities of the alliance can promote to make Unite! a European driver of open science and innovation by 2023.

10 March 2022
Learn languages and intercultural competencies online with Unite!

Unite! partner universities offer online courses in language, communication and global competence. Open to all students registered at any of the Unite! partner institutions

8 March 2022
Unite! students help define the future of Europe

Ten Unite! students participated in the first session of the European Student Assembly, debating with other european students and formulating recommendations for the European Parliament. Policy recommendations...

3 March 2022
Get prepared for the 5th Unite! Dialogue

With March approaching, so is the 5th Unite! Dialogue, New Horizons. For the first time, the Horizon 2020 project community will also attend thr Unite! Dialogue in the perspective of a further integration of...

2 March 2022
Ten Unite! students participate in the European Students' Assembly

The European Students Assembly will take place on 3 and 4 March in Strasbourg, France. Around 275 students from 41 European alliances will meet to discuss about European issues and make recommendations to the...

25 February 2022
Unite! solidarity with Ukraine

Our University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering (Unite!) - observes the current situation in Ukraine with utmost concern. Our University Alliance shares the European values of respect for...

13 February 2022
Unite! brings back the international project ULisses

Addressed to students willing to be part of a multidisciplinary team composed by colleagues from other national and foreign universities. During 3 weeks (face-to-face), participants will be encouraged to...

11 February 2022
Unite! advocates the firm commitment of universities to women in science and technology

The alliance joins the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and makes visible the projects, initiatives and testimonies of young women who strive to achieve full and equal access...

31 January 2022
Unite! is committed to e-learning in international joint programmes

The alliance is already working on the JPROV project proposal – Joint Programmes: Embedding Virtual Exchange, driven by Erasmus+. The first steps were taken in December 2021 during the Campfire organised by...

25 January 2022
Unite! at the Virtual Forum of Universities for Europe's Future

Brigitte Plateau, Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, Jens Schneider, Vice-Rector for Transfer and International Affairs at the Technical University of Darmstadt and Roberto Zanino Rector's...

21 January 2022
H@ck-your COVID: Results

Last November, 16 participants from 7 partner universities participated to solve challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and higher education in the international hackathon “H@ck your COVID”.

19 January 2022
2022, new opportunities for the future of Unite!

The new Erasmus+ call in the context of the European Universities Initiative, the consolidation of the alliance’s structure with the future addition of two new members and the advancement of many of the...

14 January 2022
Unite! joins LinkedIn

Finally the time has come, we are so excited to announce the launch of Unite!’s LinkedIn profile and group, where we plan on sharing information and updates regularly, including photos, new member...

24 December 2021
Unite! IV Dialogue conclusions

Universities' commitment to European education, technology and entrepreneurship moves forward with Unite!

23 December 2021
GINSEN, Grenoble International Smart Engineering Summer School

This summer of 2022, Grenoble INP-UGA’s Graduate schools of Engineering and Management is offering its two summer programs, one in Micro & Nanotechnology and one in Smart Energies.

22 December 2021
Aalto’s Open Digital Business Master Class

This Spring 2022, Aalto is offering a Digital Business Master Class open for Unite! students, if you are interested apply before the 7th of January

16 December 2021
Graz University of Technology (Austria) and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland) will join the Unite! alliance

With this expansion to 9 members, Unite! increases its impact on the European Higher Education Area

2 December 2021
The Branding Event closes the 4th Unite!’s Dialogue at UPC

The 4th Unite! Dialogue in Barcelona 2021 closed yesterday with Unite!'s 1st Branding Event, aimed at promoting the alliance's visibility and enhancing its engagement with the various stakeholders.

1 December 2021
Second day of meetings and reflections at the 4th Unite! Dialogue

Yesterday was all about learning and co-creating together with the Unite! community. We also had the first session of which will be the governing council of the alliance, the Academic Forum.

30 November 2021
First day of the 4th Unite! Dialogue was a success

The past 29th of November we welcomed the various international delegations from Unite!'s partner universities into the 4th Unite! Dialogue and Branding Event, hosted at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya...

24 November 2021
Get ready for the 4th Unite! Dialogue Programme

A four-day program with the Unite! community together with external international experts coming together to share insights and learn best practices about the european university alliance Unite!, both online...