Photograph of three students working together in front of a laptop.
Photograph of three students working together in front of a laptop.
New Unite! on Communications Engineering and Data Science (CoDaS)
Photograph of three students working together in front of a laptop.
CoDaS is a joint M.Sc. program offered by three European universities: Aalto University, Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), and Técnico Lisboa (University Lisboa). It will launch for the first time on September 2021.

CoDaS is an initiative of Unite!, University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering aiming at developing a European University by sharing resources and services in education, research and management, by removing structural barriers and by generating new frameworks for a European degree. CoDaS will tend to become a European degree in the near future.

This Programme covers a range of timely industry topics relevant to modern fields of engineering consisting of competences from electrical engineering, automation, programming, communications, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, network security, and Internet of Things.

Students will acquire expertise in a range of techniques covering the broad areas of mathematics, modelling and analysis of signals and systems, data science, artificial intelligence, security, networks and distributed systems.

To start the Programme this year, each Partner University will award graduated students with a Diploma from the M.Sc. recognized by the Double Degree agreements, together with the corresponding Certificate. In addition, each student will be also awarded a Supplement Certificate, signed by all Partners, establishing the Joint Unite! CoDaS Programme as the “European umbrella” for the degree.

Each Partner University will recruit students for the 1st year of the program according to their quota, following their usual admission processes. Then, the students will go for the 2nd year of the programme to another Partner University. For instance, the student that enrols in Aalto U. for the 1st year, will go either to Grenoble INP or Técnico Lisboa for the 2nd year.

The CoDaS M.Sc. degree follows the Bologna Agreement recommendations, namely:

  • 2 year duration;

  • 120 ECTS credits in total, with 60 ECTS/year;

  • M.Sc. Thesis with 30 ECTS;

  • common scientific areas in the degree structure during each year of the Program.

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