31 August 2020
Final event of the E4T project: open to all UNITE! partners

On Thursday 3rd September 2020, 4 UNITE! partners will present results in the final event of the "E4T: Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Engineering and Technology" project, hosted by KTH, as well as...

24 August 2020
UNITE! Recap

The first 9 months of UNITE! have been as exciting as challenging. But challenges are the best opportunity to grow, and in UNITE! we took the chance head-first. Here are some of the highlights of our journey.

30 July 2020
UNITE!’s 2nd Dialogue is coming to Lisboa!

From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, ULisboa will digitally host representatives of faculty, staff, students and top management of seven European universities will gather to work on the joint...

27 July 2020
New horizons for UNITE!: additional EU-funding for research and innovation

A year after its start, UNITE! is awarded an additional 2 million Euro funding from the EU-, under the Horizon 2020 “Science with and for Society” call, in order to boost the Research and Innovation dimension...

22 June 2020
INSPIRED: a virtual trip to the stars

Students from three UNITE! Partners are designing a bioreactor for space missions in the INSPIRED project

3 June 2020
UNITE! & Covid-19: united universities for a united solution

Technological universities have been key to face the Covid-19 crisis and provide solutions for the new challenges that have emerged. The University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering (UNITE!),...

28 May 2020
"Competitive Entrepreneurship Summer Course" now open to UNITE! students!

The E4T project has designed a challenge-driven course for students who have some previous education in entrepreneurship or start-up. Hosted by Aalto and KTH, it is a high-level course with unique...

26 May 2020
First UNITE! Bootcamp

The UNITE!  Bootcamp I is organized by the Task Force on Virtual Campus (TF4) and Teaching and Learning Academy (TF 5).  During the two days of the Boot Camp, key topics will be discussed in parallel sessions...

21 May 2020
Great success of the first UNITE! webinar

Since all universities of UNITE! had to move online because of Covid-19, The UNITE! Management Team decided to launch a webinar series dedicated to online student assessment and evaluation.

14 May 2020
Aalto organises a Digital Business Master Class

Challenge-based course with a focus on digital technologies as tools for building businesses. Discover the advantages of digital trends, emerging technologies, business design thinking and data- driven...