13 January 2021
5 places for UNITE! teachers at Aalto's pedagogical training on sustainability in teaching
The course will be organised as a part of UNITE! pedagogical offering and will therefore be open to 5 participants from UNITE! partner institutions. A diploma of participation will be handed to the participants outside Aalto university.

Intended learning outcomes
After completing this course the participant will be able to

  • Understand the basics of the sustainability crisis, the concepts of sustainability/sustainable development and the SDGs, key competences for sustainability and reflect on their implications to higher education and teaching 
  • relate sustainable development to one’s own specific subject field and identify key concepts and approaches that connect sustainability and the respective field 
  •  Design learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment methods for integration of sustainability relevant themes in courses  
  • Apply and evaluate teaching methods for sustainability integration in own course 
  • Ability to engage students in discussion about emotions, especially anxiety, in relation to the sustainability crisis  

The course includes the following topics:  

  • Basics of sustainable development, SDGs and their role in higher education   
  • Key competencies of sustainability education: knowledges, skills, mindsets  
  • Linkages and relevance of sustainability for participants’ specific field; identifying key areas of sustainability relevance   
  • Defining sustainability learning objectives for own course  
  • Teaching methods (concrete examples) for integrating sustainability into teaching  
  • Assessment of sustainability learning  
  • Charting course material   
  • How to cope with student anxiety in regard to sustainability crisis 

Contact sessions: Fridays March 5th to April 16th 2021(ne teaching 2nd April) at noon to 3 PM (UTC+2) in ZOOM

Prerequirements: To Aalto university participants A! Peda Intro or similar preferred

Number of places: 20 (15+5)

Workload: 2 or 3 ECTS equals 54/81 hours, 18 hours contact teaching in ZOOM

2 ECTS: Participation in contact teaching and related assignments
3 ECTS: Participation in contact teaching and related assignments and written course work 

Contact: Pedagogical specialist Tiina Pylkkönen, tiina.pylkkonen @ aalto.fi (remove spaces)

Accepted applicants will be notified latest 23.2.2021.

Register here

Official page: https://www.aalto.fi/en/events/pedagogical-training-sustainability-in-teaching-2-3-cr-elective-course-53-1642021

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