29 June 2022
Let's Unite! - Get to know Eudeline Peigneux
Eudeline is a master’s degree student in Design of transition at Grenoble INP – UGA. Within Unite! she is also a Unite! Student representative at SURE!

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Eudeline is a master’s degree student in Design of transition at Grenoble INP – UGA. Within Unite! she is also a Unite! Student representative at SURE! Eudeline is involved in students’ associations, and is committed to make student life more entertaining and more accessible, with the creation of social and cultural projects. She also likes to be close to nature, which is why she lives in Grenoble, known for the mountains and beautiful landscapes. She also included the international aspect to her studies and personal life: she studied German and French law in Saarbrücken, Germany for 2 years. On top of that, she did a road trip in Eastern Europe, and also did school exchanges in England and Italy.


What future Unite! project are you particularly excited about and why do you think it is important for Unite!'s strategy?

I am particularly excited about student mobilisation and what it can bring to the Unite! alliance. Being a student myself, I think we all have creativity and ideas to share and putting them together in an intercultural context is such a great opportunity. The voice of students must be heard, especially when it comes to education and what we would like Unite! to be. 
The involvement of students is not something we can neglect, we have a major role to play in the future of education, and thus we need to pave the way for changes right now in order for higher education to improve in years to come.
So, I think that students can encourage creative initiatives and activities within Unite! and I cannot wait to be a part of them!

What is happening in your TF? Anything interesting to share with the Unite! community?

As a freshly new student representative, I am not involved in a task force yet, but I am already part of Unite! SURE! Moreover, I am deeply interested in bringing the students together and organise activities that will spread the Unite! spirit among students, in Grenoble and in the whole alliance as well! For instance, I am already organising meetings in order for them to gather and meet other students, or simply have a chat and discover what Unite! is.

From your point of view, what is the advantage of working or studying at a Unite! university? What do you think is special about the Unite! alliance?

I think the biggest advantage of being part of Unite! is this emphasis on science and technology, combined with innovation and trying to tackle all the issues the world has today. Each partner university also has beautiful campuses with great technological resources, labs… And for students (and staff) to be able to benefit from this European cooperation is such a great opportunity!

More information about her involvement within the Unite! community: 

SURE! stands for Students in Unite! for Representation and Empowerment, this body provides the opportunity for students to co-create and engage with their companions from the other partner universities of the alliance but also to have a platform in order to voice their needs within the Unite! management structure.