21 September 2022
Register now for open science and research data management trainings
Unite! aims to be a European driver of open science and innovation. Our objective is to enhance open science competencies in the partner universities and wider in the society.
Are you confident with processing personal data safely? Do you know how to write an effective data management plan? Where and how should you store and share your data?. Understanding proper research data management is becoming more and more important to researchers and students across disciplines. Data management plans are increasingly required by funders, and researchers urgently need data management and open science skills to enhance the impact of their research. Safe ways of processing data are particularly important to those working with personal data or confidential data.

”In our Unite! Horizon2020 project we have been exploring the best practices and current gaps in the open science initiatives of the Unite! member universities. Learning from each other is the essence of open science. Come meet Aalto’s researcher experts and join the discussion!”, invites Antti Rousi, Data Advisor at Aalto University’s Research Services and Aalto’s open science representative at Unite!

Aalto University’s Research Data Management Network and Data Agents organise a free webinar training series on research data management and open science to everyone and invite researchers, students and service staff from Unite! universities to take part. Aalto’s Data Agents are a group of research-oriented Aalto employees who support researchers and students in questions related to research data management. In the past academic year, the training series attracted already more than 2,800 registrations. Webinar topics include e.g. legal aspects of research data, reproducibility of science, responsible conduct of research, and current trends in academic publishing.