14 January 2022
Unite! joins LinkedIn

Finally the time has come, we are so excited to announce the launch of Unite!’s LinkedIn profile and group, where we plan on sharing information and updates regularly, including photos, new member...

24 December 2021
Unite! IV Dialogue conclusions

Universities' commitment to European education, technology and entrepreneurship moves forward with Unite!

23 December 2021
GINSEN, Grenoble International Smart Engineering Summer School

This summer of 2022, Grenoble INP-UGA’s Graduate schools of Engineering and Management is offering its two summer programs, one in Micro & Nanotechnology and one in Smart Energies.

22 December 2021
Aalto’s Open Digital Business Master Class

This Spring 2022, Aalto is offering a Digital Business Master Class open for Unite! students, if you are interested apply before the 7th of January

16 December 2021
Graz University of Technology (Austria) and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland) will join the Unite! alliance

With this expansion to 9 members, Unite! increases its impact on the European Higher Education Area

2 December 2021
The Branding Event closes the 4th Unite!’s Dialogue at UPC

The 4th Unite! Dialogue in Barcelona 2021 closed yesterday with Unite!'s 1st Branding Event, aimed at promoting the alliance's visibility and enhancing its engagement with the various stakeholders.

1 December 2021
Second day of meetings and reflections at the 4th Unite! Dialogue

Yesterday was all about learning and co-creating together with the Unite! community. We also had the first session of which will be the governing council of the alliance, the Academic Forum.

30 November 2021
First day of the 4th Unite! Dialogue was a success

The past 29th of November we welcomed the various international delegations from Unite!'s partner universities into the 4th Unite! Dialogue and Branding Event, hosted at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya...

25 November 2021
Reshaping science by Rubén Vicente-Saez

Rubén Vicente-Saez a researcher from Aalto University, involved in Unite!'s working group focused on "Creating a High Impact European Open Science and Innovation University" wrote this opinion article in the...

24 November 2021
Get ready for the 4th Unite! Dialogue Programme

A four-day program with the Unite! community together with external international experts coming together to share insights and learn best practices about the european university alliance Unite!, both online...