9 June 2021
The Unite! Bootcamp on Open Science and Innovation closes after a successful 2-day meeting

On the 8th and 9th of June 2021, Aalto lead the first Unite!H2020 Bootcamp: "What is Open in Open Science?", a co-creation event towards a common open science and innovation institutional vision for a...

7 June 2021
The Unite! Metacampus moves to beta phase!

The Unite! Metacampus, our digital platform connecting the 7 universities of the alliance, has finished the alpha tests and moves forward with its implementation. Staff and students can now access Unite!...

25 May 2021
The Unite! Boot Camp II opens its registrations

The second Unite! Boot Camp will take place on the 7th, 15th and 16th of June 2021, and it is addressed to academic, teaching, technical, and administrative staff and students in Unite!.

21 May 2021
Best practices for enhancing internationalization through virtual exchange discussed at the Unite! Staff Week

The Unite! training held in February and March 2021 was designed to help the staff, educators, training leaders, and other stakeholders at the seven Unite! universities to understand how virtual exchange can...

17 May 2021
The first Unite! Spring School 2021 kicks off

This activity is focused on sustainable energy, offering participants the possibility to work on a MSc thesis on the subject, in view of a potential application to a PhD within the Alliance

14 May 2021
New Unite! Virtual Credit Exchange Programme in Energy

From autumn 2021, students in Unite! universities will be able to virtually follow courses from any of the other 6 universities of the alliance in the first Unite! Virtual Credit Exchange Programme (VCEP) in...

26 April 2021
Unite! Charter on Diversity and Inclusion

As a pioneering European university alliance, Unite! is aware of its social responsibilities to provide extensive accessibility to and fair opportunities within higher education, as well as its impact on the...

14 April 2021
Unite! Summer School: Reflections on the History, Present, and Future of AI-Human Relationships

A Cooperation between the Technical University of Darmstadt, Department of History (Martina Heßler), and the University of Lisbon, Centro de Filosofia das Ciências (Alexander Gerner).

7 April 2021
1st Unite Spring School: Master Thesis opportunities on Sustainable Energy towards a European PhD

This Unite! Spring School aims to raise the interest of MSc students to work on a MSc thesis on selected sustainable energy topics, of common interest for the Unite! partners, in the perspective of a future...

24 March 2021
Intercultural workshops for academic & administrative community

With this first session of workshops by Grenoble INP-UGA, in the context of Unite!'s Mobility4All, staff will be offered the opportunity to explore some key aspects of interculturality.