Unite! Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement for Unite! online service (www.unite-university.eu) based on the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament.

As a European University Unite! is fully committed to upholding the European core values of human dignity, liberal democracy, rule of law and social inclusion. In full accordance with these values, Unite! is committed to the aims of excellence in learning, teaching and research as well as to an ethical, safe and sustainable use of technology.

With the aim of promoting inclusion and a full and satisfactory use of all digital resources, Unite! hereby declares its commitment to the following objectives:

  • Accessibility: Unite! strives to maintain a website that is technically accessible with the aim of ensuring equitable access to all types of users. Unite! aims to achieve WCAG 2.1. level AA.

  • Usability: Unite! strives to maintain a website that is effective, efficient, and satisfying, including aspects that may have a positive impact on user experience.

  • Diversity: Unite! strives to maintain a website with an adequate representation of the diverse identities and experiences of its users, mirroring the rich diversity found across Europe.

Accessibility status of the service

This website is currently partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard.

According to the evaluating tool used (SiteImprove), it complies with 75% of the requirements, with the following exceptions:

Inaccessible content

  • Some contents might not adapted to different presentations

  • Some images don’t have appropriate alternative text. Language might be missing or invalid.

  • Some pages might be missing page regions or ARIA landmarks (Accessible Rich Internet Applications).

  • Some pages might be missing first level heading.

  • Multimedia content might not fully comply with all accessibility requirements, such as video captions.

  • Some edition errors on the web pages.

  • Some pages might present an insufficient colour contrast.

  • Navigation with keyboard might produce a loss of focus visibility.

  • Some PDF documents are not fully accessible.

Next steps for improving accessibility

In order to improve the accesibility of the Unite! website and contents, we will periodically revise and update the website by:

-Modifying templates and other multimedia contents.

-Redefining the colour scheme to ensure its visibility.

-Ensuring the inclusion of alternative texts to our pictures.

-Including captions on our videos.

-Ensuring that attached PDFs or other documents are compliant and accessible.

Technical specifications

The Unite! website is developed with the Content Management System (CMS) Plone v 5.1.4 / Zope version 2.13.27, with a front-end edition based on React v17. These technologies allow full compliance with the current accessibility requirements (https://plone.org/accessibility).

Assessment approach

The site is periodically evaluated and assessed externally by UPC's IT service (UPCnet) through a commercial tool that allows the detection of non-compliance contents to correct them: SiteImprove. This tool was purchased to monitor and improve the accessibility requirements of the website, in order to comply with the EU requirements as much as possible.


We are always striving to improve the accessibility of this website. If you experience any problems not listed on this page or think we are not meeting accessibility requirements, please contact: atic@ithinkupc.com

For example, you can contact us:

-Informing about meeting accessibility requirements

-Transmiting other difficulties when accessing content.

-Formulating any other enquiry or suggestion related to the website's accessibility.

Any natural or legal person can formulate an enquiry regarding accessibility and request information of the contents that might be excluded from the implementation of these regulations.

Suggestions and enquiries are registered according to the standard procedures of public administrations. In the event of desestimating the suggestion or complaint, if you do not agree with the decision or the response doesn't comply with the requirements, you may:

-Learn and oppose the desestimation reasons.

-Urge for the adoption of measures in case you disagree with the adopted decision.

-Expose the reasons why you believe the decision does not comply with the requested requirements.

You can also present a complaint if you have not received a response within 20 days of your inquiry.

Date of Publication: July, 14th 2021

Last update: July, 14th 2021