Joint Unite! Activities and Programmes

If you are a student of one of the 9 Unite! partner universities, then you are part of the
Unite! community!
You are already a Unite! student, discover the opportunities available below:

Knowledge exchange 

Girl studying in the campus

The Unite! metacampus is a digital platform that connects the nine universities of the alliance, to enable mobile access exclusively to the range of programmes and diversity of activities that are offered through Unite!

Students sharing knowledge in the campus

SURE! (Students in Unite for Representation and Empowerment!) provides the opportunity for students to co-create and engage with their companions from other European universities.

Unite! Student Fest
Unite! Student Festival

The Unite! Student Festival Lisbon 2023 took place at the University of Lisbon, between the 29th of June and the 1st of July 2023, the first event for the entire student community of the nine Unite! partner universities.