Promotional image of the Unite! Seed Fund with a picture of Unite! students holding a rocket.
Promotional image of the Unite! Seed Fund with a picture of Unite! students holding a rocket.
Astreum Deluge - United by passion for the rocket!
Promotional image of the Unite! Seed Fund with a picture of Unite! students holding a rocket.
The second call in funding line “Unite! Seed Fund for Student Activity” brought a new idea from two student rocketry associations: PWr in Space from Wroclaw Tech and ÆSIR from KTH. The project involves constructing and launching a shared rocket, powered by a unique solid-fuel engine, incorporating a proprietary active flight control system.

PWr in Space and ÆSIR - two student rocketry associations, both winning awards in international contests, have united to exchange knowledge and expertise in developing innovative structures for renowned student rocketry competitions. 

Their shared ambition is the creation of an aerodynamically controlled rocket, powered by a custom solid propellant rocket motor. Achieving this complex project requires extensive collaboration, offering rich educational opportunities for cross-cultural learning.The shared objective goes beyond  development and construction; it involves a collective effort to launch the rocket together. 

This united endeavor serves as a unique opportunity for mutual growth, fostering a deeper understanding between student groups from distinct parts of Europe. The project is poised to be a testament not only to technological prowess but also to the power of collaborative learning and cultural exchange, transcending borders and enriching the experiences of everyone involved.  

The project - Astreum Deluge is coordinated by: Michał Kos (PWr in Space, Wroclaw Tech) and Eszter Szabó (ÆSIR, KTH), with the support of Adam Domachowski (PWr in Space, Wroclaw Tech) and Xiyao Song (ÆSIR, KTH).  

Astreum Deluge 

The primary goal of this collaboration is to facilitate a knowledge exchange between PWr in Space and ÆSIR, culminating in a joint launch event. PWr in Space will travel to Sweden, reciprocated by ÆSIR's visit to Poland, fostering bidirectional collaboration. This exchange aims to unite teams in joint efforts.  

PWr in Space will develop a solid propellant rocket motor, while ÆSIR will modify the frame of Signý, a rocket previously launched, to accommodate and test subsystems. The initiation will test various technologies: Attitude Control System (ACS), solid propellant rocket motor, CO2 ejection recovery system, and a new electronics system. 

One of the key points involves two scheduled visits. PWr in Space will integrate their ACS into ÆSIR's rocket during their Sweden journey. Associations will exchange insights, work on strengthening bonds, and share diverse perspectives on rocketry challenges. Next, ÆSIR will visit Poland and PWr in Space showcases facilities and methodologies, sharing experiences with hybrid rocketry.  

The Signý rocket will be launched in Poland, where its mission will involve testing subsystems. A new recovery system, using CO2 ejection, will replace the old, black powder-based system, and simplify assembly. The launch will  also test a new electronics system, including a flight controller managing all subsystems and a self-developed positioning system based on time of flight radio distance measurements. 

The partnership between PWr in Space and ÆSIR aims to foster lasting connections, enabling ongoing collaboration across diverse projects. Shared focuses on comparable rocket systems like hybrid motors and ACS highlight the importance of communication for sharing ideas, discussing progress, and staying updated on developments.