Image of two students looking at a screen that says OER courses
Image of two students looking at a screen that says OER courses
Exploring Open Educational Resources through Unite! course offerings
Image of two students looking at a screen that says OER courses
From May 6, you can join the Unite! MOOC and course to dive into the realm of OER, where educational materials are openly accessible, editable, and shareable.

OER are not only an important educational policy issue for international associations such as UNESCO, OER are also part of the call for "Open Science". The background to these OER-Course offerings is the successful joint Unite! Seed fund project "Unite! OER courses" of all nine partner universities. Familiarise yourself with the background and potential of Open Educational Resources (OER), and understand how to use materials with open licences in a copyright-compliant manner. 

The MOOC for everyone: OER at 

Join the multilingual MOOC (Massive open online course) to learn more about OER for students and teachers alike. Explore how to discover, publish, and utilize OER with confidence. Gain insights into open Creative Commons licenses and enhance your digital literacy. Learn more about the OER infrastructure at your university. The MOOC starts at May 6, 2024. 

The Lecture for all Unite! members: OER-Course at Metacampus 

Contents of the MOOC will be explored in depth in the course “Open Educational Resources” by TU Graz. This English lecture is open to all Unite! members via the Unite! Metacampus.  
This course expands on the MOOC content and offers more insights and practical training on finding, publishing, and understanding OER.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand open licenses and their requirements. 
  • Locate and utilize openly licensed educational resources. 
  • Create, revise, and remix OER. 
  • Publish and share OER effectively. 

Enroll now and expand your educational horizons with Unite!.  

More information

Both course offers are open to all students and staff from Unite! universities.  

OER-MOOC: . The MOOC registration will be open for everyone all the time and you can access anytime you want to.

Course “Unite! Open Educational Resources in Higher Education”: . The lecture starts on Monday, May 6, 2024 (available for all Uniters).  The registration closes on April 26, 2024.