A student holding a geometrical shape made out of a 3d printer.
A student holding a geometrical shape made out of a 3d printer.
Unite!4Future: share your vision of the university of the future and win a trip to Lisboa!
A student holding a geometrical shape made out of a 3d printer.
Gather a team of students in Unite! universities, prepare a video with your vision of the university of the future, send it to us before the 22nd of October and compete with other teams to win an all-expenses-paid trip to ULisboa for the Unite!4Future Week.

The Unite!4Future Programme's main goal is to attract the participation of students from the seven alliance partner universities with the aim of calling for creative ideas about what can be expected at a university of the future. With a competition format, in a bottom-up approach, Unite!4Future will enable student participation by presenting concrete, original and implementable ideas that bring added value for all Unite! community. The projects are non-academic, but related to all other aspects of university student experience and daily life on campus.

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Applications are now open! 

From 20 September to 22 October
you can apply to the Unite!4Future programme. All you have to do is gather a team of students from other Unite! partner universities and prepare a video with your vision of the university of the future.

What's in it for you?
✔ Obtain support by one technical advisor to help you in order to turn your idea into an implementable project
✔ One “Unite!4Future week” at ULisboa.
✔ All travel expenses included (transport, accommodation, food and activities).

At the end of the competition the winning team will be awarded with:
Design an implementable project plan
Become part of the Unite! new generation of European students
Share experiences and multicultural values
Be part of a wonderful week full of activities including a social programme to enjoy the city

Participation requirements
Students must be enrolled in one of Unite! universities (TU Darmstadt, Aalto University, KTH Sweden, Grenoble INP-UGA, PoliTO, ULisboa or UPC Barcelona). Applications must be submitted in English. These are the requirements you need to set up your team, build your idea and apply to the Unite!4Future Programme:
Each team must include students from at least 3 Unite! partner universities
Students must be full degree students enrolled in at least one of the Unite! Partner universities
The application must address at least one call topic
All project activities must be designed with the possibility of being applicable in all the team’s Unite! Universities.
The application must include:
team application form
project description in video format (10 min max)

Informative session
Do you have any questions about the competition?

Read the presentation that was made at the dissemination session of July 6th, address your questions in the Unite!4Future community in the Metacampus, or stay tuned for the next session in early September. 

How to enrol
Download the Unite!4Future applicant guide

Unite! has created a tool that allows you to find colleagues to form a team, Metacampus. Therefore, registration will be carried through the Unite! Metacampus. Previous registration to the Metacampus is required to access the contest's registration, as well as other Unite! courses offered through the platform. Each team must include students from at least 3 Unite! alliance partner universities (Aalto University, Espoo/Helsinki; KTH Royal Instituto of Technology, Stockholm; Technical University of Darmstadt; Grenoble INP-UGA; Politecnico di Torino; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – Barcelona Tech; Universidade de Lisboa). Students will be able to contact other students from Unite! alliance partner universities through the Metacampus' Student Co-creation Unite!4Future Community.

The proposals should be designed to contribute to the life and activities of the Unite! alliance partner universities and must address at least one of the key topics: Diversity and inclusion; Environment and sustainability; Academic experience, Mobility and Languages or Digitalization.

Contact Points
Further questions can be addressed via Metacampus or through the Contact Point at each Unite! alliance partner universities. All e-mail messages to the contact points should indicate 'Unite!4Future' in the Subject.

Aalto University

Katrina Nordstrom

Grenoble INP graduate school of engineering and management, University Grenoble Alpes

Anne Fracchia

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Tiina Vinter

Politecnico Di Torino

Carlos Castro

Technical University of Darmstadt

Nadia El Nokraschi


Universidade de Lisboa

Joana Salgueira

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech

Berenice Martin