Promotional image of Unite! seed fund project
Promotional image of Unite! seed fund project
Versatile engineers of the future.
Promotional image of Unite! seed fund project
Nowadays, engineers go beyond mere technical expertise; their proficiency extends to project management and leadership. Recognizing this shift, students from the 4S Trainers Group at Wroclaw Tech have come up with a pioneering initiative that offers a comprehensive training program for students from Unite!

The project objective is to provide a comprehensive training program for students from three Unite! alliance universities: Wroclaw Tech, Politecnico di Torino and Universidade de Lisboa. The program value lies in its capacity to educate students across technical, social, business, and project management dimensions. Coordinator Bartosz Stec aims to focus the project around developing project management and leadership soft skills, intending to apply them in the technical, low-consumption vehicles environment. Technical and soft skills' knowledge will intersect in a unified program involving the student groups from three partner universities. 

Boost Your Skills in a Technical Setting. 

How will students achieve these valuable skills? The Versatile Engineers of the Future project is anchored in 5-day training camps held in each participating country. Beginning with the selection of a group of 24 students, online meetings and training sessions are essential for gathering preliminary information about participants and keeping the people involved and updated about the state of the project. The result and knowledge gained during the camps will be validated through appropriate interviews and questionnaires. 

The inaugural camp will take place in Lisbon in September 2024, offering participants a tailored experience designed for engineers eager to explore management and entrepreneurship. This training will consist of lectures and workshops. The second camp, scheduled for November in Turin, will focus on the technical part of the training program.

The final camp, set for March 2025 in Wrocław, will serve as a culmination of the training, testing participants' acquired knowledge and leadership abilities in tackling complex project challenges. Activities during this phase will predominantly focus on soft skills training, fostering open discussions, and culminating in a group case study. 

The project involves three university students organizations. Each of them will be responsible for a different topic of the training program. Trainers from 4S, the Student Union Training Section from Wroclaw Tech, will conduct the soft skills training. Members of Team H2politO from PoliTO, with the help of Teaching staff will be responsible for the technical part of workshops, lectures, hands-on activities and visits to laboratories. Members of the AEIST, the official Student Union of Instituto Superior Técnico, from ULisboa, will be responsible for transferring knowledge about exchange of practical insights and real-world strategies, providing a comprehensive view of business within engineering disciplines. 

About Coordinators 4S:  

4S is a Training Section of the Student Government of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. The team of trainers, driven by a passion for development and helping others, provides training in soft and hard skills and organizes events and projects for the Wroclaw Tech community.
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