Promotional leaflet of the Interlace PODCAST
Promotional leaflet of the Interlace PODCAST
Want to know more about UNITE! and European Universities?
Promotional leaflet of the Interlace PODCAST
Listen to our Secretary General Andreas Winkler (TU Darmstadt) and KTH's Key Liaison Officer in UNITE!, Mirko Varano, present and discuss UNITE! at the Interlace podcast
 "The European Universities Initiative is one of the latest initiatives of the European Commission in the field of higher education. What is the rationale of this initiative and why should it be consider one of the most important ones in the recent years for European universities? The first selected alliances started their activities in November 2019 and it’s now time to hear from the voice of the actors about their direct experience, the genesis of their partnership, their plans and their concerns.

Today we have with us the Secretary General of the alliance UNITE! Andreas Winkler from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Andreas has a PhD in Geography and has extensive experience in the field of internationalization of higher education and he has covered the position of CLUSTER Coordinator between 2018 and 2020."

The Interlace PODCAST is the first and only blog dedicated to the internationalization aspects of education and culture.

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