3 September 2020
Virtual mobility for all
UNITE! students propose a joint platform for virtual mobility as a tailored idea for the Alliance to address accessibility for special-needs students in mobility programs.

Mobility is a key principle in UNITE!. Conventional mobility programs are not accessible, inclusive or equal for all students. Students with disabilities, learning difficulties and disadvantages face significant challenges, such as extensive preparations, inaccessible campuses and insufficient support, when planning to join these programs.

This is why UNITE! students 
Jenna Järvenpää & Paulina Szymaszek designed the Summer Project "Virtual Mobility for All", aimed at tackling these challenges by providing ideas and solutions tailored to the UNITE! Alliance. With the help of Professor Katrina Nordström and coordinator Johanna Kaila, the students explored UNITE!'s virtual mobility with a problem-solving approach, namely the Design Thinking Method. This resulted in the proposal of a unified platform in UNITE! that would provide an equal, accessible and inclusive online environment for all students from UNITE! universities. 

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Given the current pandemic, this initiative proves even more valuable, as it would not only help increase representation and accessibility for a minority, but it would also have an impact on any international student's life and quality of education. 

Read the complete report here

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