Unite! has launched a joint network of Integrated Research and Innovation Services (IRIS), through which common lines will be established for the future development of the alliance in the field of research and towards future support for the application to EU funding. 

Through the regular interaction of the Grants Offices, Technology Transfer Offices, HR and Open Science Offices of each partner university, a set of services have been identified to promote international collaboration opportunities. This constitutes the first seed of institutional transformation in the management of the alliance as it will also include the training of professional profiles to promote Unite! services and the design of R&I services. 

In fact, the network aims to boost the transformation of research and innovation in Unite! universities and to become an interface with the EU for the design and deployment of future EU funding grants. In addition, IRIS will be connected to the Unite! E+ Service Office, which works as a facilitator to enhance mobility and facilitate student participation. In this way, Unite! will have a Support Service that will work to accompany both students and researchers.

Below you will find multiple links provided by the universities participating in the Unite project. These links correspond to the different "research and scientific production capacities searchers" of the different member universities: