A group of people doing a joint walk
A group of people doing a joint walk
The Unite! community during a cooking class at Wroclaw Tech
Beyond work packages: Unite! socialising clubs pave the way to a diverse and vibrant community
A group of people doing a joint walk
Launched at the 8th Unite! Dialogue at Wroclaw Tech by the expert community focused on building the Unite! professional community platform by testing socialising activities and preparing a framework.
Diversity and collaboration are at the core of the Unite! community, but daily work within structured work packages often keeps staff members in silos. To unlock Unite!'s full potential as a true community, fostering peer-to-peer relationships beyond these work package boundaries is essential. With this goal in mind, Expert Team 6.4 embarked on a mission to identify the needs and expectations of all Unite! staff regarding socializing activities that boost motivation, foster a sense of belonging, and build a sustainable Unite! community.

The Unite! Hiking & Walking Club and the Unite! Cooking Club, launched during the 8th Unite Dialogue at Wroclaw Tech, mark the beginning of this transformative journey. Benedetta Gennaro from TU Darmstadt, who is actively involved in Community 3 (Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing) and a new member of the Unite! Cooking Club, aptly captures the spirit of the endeavour:

"I believe cooking brings people together. You use your hands. You share things. You chit-chat while you’re doing it. It’s also an easy way to share cultural traditions.”

Benedetta Gennaro from TU Darmstadt
These clubs not only provide avenues for connection but also act as the first steps in breaking down the silos that often confine members within the work package structure. For example, within the Unite! Hiking & Walking Club a challenge was launched to collectively hike and/or walk the 609 kilometres separating Wroclaw Tech as the host of the 8th Unite! Dialogue and TU Graz as the host of the upcoming 9th Unite! Dialogue.

Jessica Retzlaff, a staff member at TU Darmstadt who is actively involved in Work Package 4 (Reinforcing academia-business cooperation) and a passionate member of the Hiking & Walking Club, is convinced that achieving this goal together will bring everyone closer within the Unite! community:

"Yes, I am sure that we can achieve this goal together. Everyone is pumped. I will join the challenge too! I look forward to coming together again in Graz, where we can talk about how we collected the kilometres. "

Jessica Retzlaff from TU Darmstadt
Both clubs exemplify the commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging and connection within the Unite! community, which is fundamental to achieving the Unite! mission.

As the 8th Unite Dialogue drew to a close, the enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding the debut of the Unite! Hiking & Walking Club and Unite! Cooking Club remains palpable. These clubs represent not only a commitment to offering Unite! staff avenues for socialising interactions but also a dedication to breaking down silos, building connections, and enriching the Unite! community. With every stride we take within the Unite! Hiking & Walking Club challenge and each culinary creation we share within the Unite! Cooking Club, Unite! moves closer to realizing its full potential as a tightly-knit, diverse, and vibrant community.

The Unite! Socialising Clubs were launched during the 8th Unite! Dialogue at Wroclaw Tech. For now, you can join the two pilots, namely Unite! Hiking & Walking Club and the Unite! Cooking Club through Metacampus. Join your preferred group(s) and take advantage of community resources, take part in challenges and start the conversation with your peers.

Do you have any suggestions on how to enhance socialising among Unite! staff? Are you interested in starting a club or hosting an activity yourself? For example, yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, a topical workshop, or something else?

Please reach out to expert team 6.4 through this form on Unite! Agora: https://agora.unite-university.eu/socialising-activities.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Unite! community during a cooking class at Wroclaw Tech