Student at a university library.
Student at a university library.
Contribute to the Unite! Online Teaching Digital Toolbox
Student at a university library.
The toolbox aims to support the creation of new innovative study plans, new educational methods and devise training courses for the teaching faculty and administrative staff.
Unite!’s Online Teaching Digital Toolbox is the result of the experiences of different teachers across the different Unite! countries and disciplines. They have shared what they (and their students!) have loved in the past with the Unite! community. This digital toolbox is a product of the Joint Programs: Embedding Virtual Exchange, or  JPROV, Project, as part of the Erasmus+ Framework call within the European Universities Initiative.

The JPROV project aims to create a framework for the development of innovative and efficient international Joint Programs (JPs) with embedded online elements by creating the structure and technical solutions necessary to develop these new programs. The international joint programs that will be generated during and beyond the project lifetime, will aim primarily to facilitate access to international joint programs to categories of students that have been so far excluded from these opportunities for different reasons: economic, social, geographical, physical. 

The project will not only create the structure and technical solutions, but will also address the pedagogical content and approaches and will therefore lead to the creation of new innovative curricula, educational methods and develop training courses for administrative, technical and academic staff that will be involved in the process.
This online repository contains the elements involved in creating joint online courses, including a technology toolbox, good online teaching practices, and a compilation of activities suitable for an online environment.

If you have a practice that you have loved and you would like to share or if you would like to explore all the different tools and resources within the JPROV project access the link below!