Promotional image Unite! experience showing a picture of Erhard Semlitsch
Promotional image Unite! experience showing a picture of Erhard Semlitsch
My Unite! experience: Successfully Navigating Interculturality with Unite! Metacampus
Promotional image Unite! experience showing a picture of Erhard Semlitsch
Erhard Semlitsch, a dedicated lecturer at TU Graz, recently shared his positive experiences using the Unite! Metacampus for his course on "Successfully Dealing with Interculturality."

Picture of Erhard Semlitsch

The Unite! Metacampus is designed for the implementation of courses and lectures in the framework of Unite!, in which several Unite! partners work together collaboratively. It allows to work together in a single system with easy and exclusive access for all Unite! members. While working with the platform, Erhard highlighted the intuitive and user-friendly design of the Metacampus. "The entire system is very intuitive, and the visual appearance is highly appealing," he remarked. 


After the course request was made the Metacampus team promptly contacted Erhard, offering support and guidance. Erhard found the Metacampus, which is based on Moodle, to be perfect for beginners in online teaching as it is self-explanatory and easy to handle. 

The course saw participation from members of five Unite! universities, including KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TU Graz, Universidade de Lisboa, Wroclaw Tech, and Université Grenoble Alpes. All participants had a smooth login experience and easily navigated through the course. 
Erhard's positive feedback underscores the Metacampus's role in enhancing the online teaching and learning experience within the Unite! community. 

To make it easier for teachers to work and get started with the federated learning management system, the Metacampus-team created the "How to use Metacampus" course, which explains the most important questions in simple sequences and provides valuable tips and tricks for creating your own online courses and lectures. 
Discover more about our educational initiatives and join us in fostering international collaboration and learning with your own courses on Metacampus!  

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