An image of earth taken from space.
Picture by NASA's Earth Observatory
An image of earth taken from space.
Picture by NASA's Earth Observatory
Openings for UNITE! students available in the 2021 edition of the INSPIRED summer course, Extraterrestrial Greenhouse
An image of earth taken from space.
Picture by NASA's Earth Observatory
Darmstadt, as home to the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), the main mission control hub of the European Space Agency (ESA), is the continent’s gateway to the universe. INSPIRED, as the ‘mission control centre’ of the International Project Week for Interdisciplinary Research-Oriented Digital Learning – a summer program offered by TU Darmstadt, invites UNITE! students to look to the stars as well.

The course application platform for INSPIRED 2021, Extraterrestrial Greenhouse is now live!

INSPIRED 2021, coordinated by the Departments of Biology, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials and Earth Sciences, will launch its e-Learning preparatory phase in the spring (starting March 22) and culminate in a virtual summer event (June 14–July 2).

During the three-week Virtual Team Project, the participating undergraduate and graduate students from all over the globe will be collaborating and interacting in a bespoke virtual setting from the comfort and safety of their home countries. To complement their multidisciplinary teamwork supported by trained mentors and specialists, they will get the opportunity to experience the ESA Lab @ TU Darmstadt – a concurrent engineering facility set in an environment inspired by the mission control room of the European Space Operations Centre. Moreover, the students will be invited to join the Merck Virtual Experience with live dialogue offered by Merck KGaA, the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company located in Darmstadt, as well as an array of cultural online activities. On successful completion of the program, the participants will be awarded 6 CP ECTS.

INSPIRED offers its participants a networking platform for cooperative challenge-based research set in an international environment to further expand their cross-cultural communication skills and career perspectives.

Key information about the INSPIRED 2021 course: 

Title: INSPIRED 2021, Extraterrestrial Greenhouse

Requirements: Enrolled in a university undergraduate or graduate program. General interest in Engineering & Life Sciences and interdisciplinary research in an international environment.

Credits:  6 CP ECTS

Format: Online

Course dates: e-Learning prep-phase: March 22–June 6, independent self-paced study 
Virtual Team Project: June 14–July 2, full-time commitment

Costs: Students from UNITE! universities are granted full scholarships


Coordinators: Agata Staniek, Ph.D. & Maik Mendler, M.Sc.


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