Promotional leaflet of the EUniQ project
Promotional leaflet of the EUniQ project
Positive outcomes of UNITE!'s Quality Assessment evaluation of EUniQ
Promotional leaflet of the EUniQ project
Twelve independent experts supported by process coordinators from eight QA agencies have carried out the pilot evaluations of UNITE! and three other alliances.
The main aim of the EUniQ project is to develop and test a Framework for the Quality Assurance of European Universities. This Framework has been developed by the EUniQ project partners in consultation with European Universities. The Framework has been tested through pilot evaluations of four alliances in the second half of 2020, and its reports can now be read in their website.

"During the visit the panel could observe a strong commitment to the idea, objectives and activities of the future, fully developed UNITE!. The activities that will lead to the compliance with the criteria of a fully developed European University have started to develop. Because the partners of UNITE! have a longstanding cooperation in education, research and student exchange and partnerships in numerous EU research projects, the panel is of an opinion that UNITE! ambitious goals and plans, if materialised through various action lines, will create an added value and take this cooperation to a new level." Read the full UNITE! Quality Assurance evaluation.

The outcomes of the pilots, the lessons learned and the implications for the Framework will be presented at the EUniQ webinar on 9 March 2021.

UNITE! is grateful for the opportunity of being part of the efforts towards a “European Framework for the Comprehensive Quality Assurance of European Universities" that will become the model of present and future European alliances.


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