Picture of ESA24 showing all of the Unite! participants at the EU Parliament
Picture of ESA24 showing all of the Unite! participants at the EU Parliament
Ten Unite! students participate in the European Student Assembly
Picture of ESA24 showing all of the Unite! participants at the EU Parliament
ESA24 marks the third gathering of students from the European University Alliances in Strasbourg to debate current issues, draft policy recommendations on the future of Europe and advocate them among stakeholders and decision-makers.

During the third edition of the European Student Assembly (ESA), which is being held in Strasbourg from April 10th to 12th, more than 200 students from various European University Alliances are convening to deliberate on current issues, formulating political recommendations for the future of Europe, and advocating for them before decision-makers. A group of ten students represent the Unite! Alliance at the event. 

The European gathering of university students has proven highly successful among students involved in European University Alliances, committed to making an impact on shaping the future of the EU. Coordinators and participants of the ESA24 have the opportunity to contribute to 11 essential debate panels aimed at influencing European policies and decision-making processes. Unite! students participating include Lou Ortega Lucas (UGA, panel 6); Matteo Riberi (Polito, panel 9); Gerard Grajera (UPC, panel 8); Gaetan Garcia (UGA, panel 2); Kateryna Volyk (TUDa, panel 11); Sofia Pascolo (Aalto, panel 1); Matilde Mendes (ULisboa, panel 7); Laila Zildžić (TUGraz, panel 6); Pau Morente (UPC, panel 10); Umit Seitzhan (UGA, panel 5). The conference was also attended by SLOs Elisa Hausherr (Grenoble), Pol Sabaté (UPC) and Poonam Mehra (KTH).

Prior to the Assembly, selected students have been working remotely on one of the topics to be addressed during the Strasbourg sessions, where concrete recommendations and proposals will be drafted for the relevant European stakeholders. The outcome of the debates and agreements will be a joint position document that will be shared with European decision-makers in each respective field.   

More information

The European Student Assembly is one of the main activities of the European Universities Community. The event was created with the aim of giving students a public voice in the European Union. It will be a unique opportunity for students from across Europe to address some of the complex challenges facing the EU today, with the goal of providing recommendations to the European Commission. 

This year, the following discussion panels will take place: 

Panel 1 - European Election Year: How to address the lack of (and dis-) information and promote citizen engagement in the upcoming elections? 
Panel 2 - Greener is Better: How can the EU establish responsible growth in the context of climate change? 
Panel 3 - Cohesion through Budgetary Policies: How can EU budget policy contribute to strengthening cohesion among its member states? 
Panel 4 - Seeking a Better Future in the EU: What strategy should the EU adopt to ensure dignified treatment for immigrants from outside the Union? 
Panel 5 - EU in the World: How can the EU be a more responsible actor in globalization through its leadership? 
Panel 6 - EU Artificial Intelligence Law: What strategies could be implemented to maximize the benefits of AI while addressing its challenges? 
Panel 7 - European Heritage: How can the EU effectively coordinate with institutions to promote its heritage and ensure access to culture for everyone? 
Panel 8 - Care for the Future: What approach should the EU take regarding health and, more specifically, advances in biomedicine? 
Panel 9 - A Place for Everyone: How can higher education institutions be places of opportunities for everyone? 
Panel 10 - EU of Tomorrow: How can the EU ensure security and good governance in its expansion in the coming years? 
Panel 11 - Addressing Euroscepticism: How to build a stronger and more united EU in the face of increasing Euroscepticism?