Students working at the university library
Students working at the university library
Unite! community campfire for the collective creation of a digital toolbox
Students working at the university library
The UPC will host the Unite! community campfire activity as part of the Joint Programs: Embedding Virtual Exchange (JPROV) of Unite! (Erasmus+) and the face-to-face session will take place at the UPC on the 2nd of December, open to the participation of the University's academic and administrative staff. This activity aims to share the different ideas for the creation of a digital toobox for online teaching at the university.

On the 2nd of December, the UPC will host the Campfire face-to-face session within the Joint Programs: Embedding Virtual Exchange (JPROV) project, which aims to create the framework for the development of innovative and efficient online teaching programmes and methodologies.

Promoted by Aalto University, the initiative is open to all the teaching and research staff of the universities that are part of the Unite! alliance and aims to promote the creation of new curricula and innovative educational methods and to develop training courses for participants. One of the objectives is the collective creation of a digital toolbox for the development and management of joint programmes with virtual components to facilitate virtual exchanges, with pedagogical approaches and methods for innovative online teaching and learning and ideas for intercultural collaboration and co-education.

The teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff of the UPC can participate by sharing, in a first phase, experiences and good practices in online teaching: what works, what doesn't, and explaining to the organising team which aspects of online work they would like to talk about in the face-to-face session at the UPC.

Attendees of the face-to-face workshop at the UPC on 2 December will be the first to see the new digital toolkit for best practice in online teaching. They will have the opportunity to test the prototype and comment on the usability of the platform and different aspects of visualisation. Participants will also be able to propose ideas for the further development of the toolbox, with the aim of providing a good tool for teachers and other staff involved in teaching.

This collaborative project aims to carry out an analysis of good practices of integrated or fully virtual virtual programmes and the elements that characterise them and whether they can be replicated in all universities. It will also assess the measures taken to promote inclusion and adjustments needed to meet the needs of universities in the post-COVID-19 academic world, and particularly in the context of European Universities.


Campfires are meetings that allow participants to freely express their opinions and share their experiences in an informal and relaxed environment.

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