Two people talking in front of a screen of the planets in space
Two people talking in front of a screen of the planets in space
Unite! students, do you want to win a trip to Barcelona and tickets for the AI and Music Festival by Sónar? Compete in our AI and music S+T+ARTS Festival hackathon.
Two people talking in front of a screen of the planets in space
Thanks to the strong collaboration of all of the universities part of the Unite! alliance, we have organised a special prize to encourage Unite! students to compete in these two parallel hackathons, which will take place within the Sónar AI and Music Festival. Unite! students from outside Barcelona, can participate remotely in the hackathons which will take place on 23 October, 12.00-20.00 CET and on 24 October, 8:00-12:00 CET for on-site participants. For online participants it will be open 24 hours. The Festival will then take place on 27-28 October.

The prize for the winners of the hackathon, will be a ticket to the AI and Music festival along with travel and accommodation to Barcelona, which will be covered by the students’ home institution. 

This is an opportunity for you to work together with students from the other Unite! partner universities and share and exchange knowledge, experiences, ideas and inspiration regarding the specific co-defined challenges. Students can apply with already established groups of participants or individually since online support will be provided to connect teams and programmers within Unite! universities. 

 Participation requirements:

  • Each team will consist of 6 participants with students from at least 3 Unite! partner universities (including on site and remote members).
  • There is no limit to the max number of participants per Unite! partner, beyond the 6 max participants per team.
  • Multidisciplinary groups (only the mixed groups profiles will be eligible to be evaluated)
  • Starting code from scratch (no pre-elaborate code is allowed)
  • The deadline for Unite! students to register is 20 October


EduHack: The AI & Music Educational Hack will focus on the creation of opportunities for new approaches to musical education with the contribution of AI tools and techniques developed for composition,  improvisation, autonomous intelligent musical performance, inspiration, suggestion of motifs, melodies… aiming at helping creators develop their own work.


  • Exploring the link between AI and Music in education and training terms, or how we can use AI to learn and teach music and vice versa.
  • Adopting a S+T+ARTS oriented pedagogical approach, tools and methodologies.
  • Facilitating the co-creation of educational resources (ranging from methodologies to  apps, systems or approaches…) 
  • Creating and reinforcing the teaching and learning community around AI and Music.

Participants: Students, artists, code developers, experts in teaching and learning taking a STEAM-STARTS approach, musicians and musical pedagogues and experts in AI deployment and visualization, AI engineers and instructional designers.

Skills asked for: coding, music, design, AI techniques, entrepreneurial mindset, etc.

Available support:

Two types of mentors will be available to assist the participants during the event:

  • Technology experts: teams will be assisted by experts in different technologies and computer language programs online and upon request. If a team has a special concern on how to develop an algorithm/language, we (at UPC) will be providing assistance.
  • Other experts: School teachers, musicians, music pedagogy teachers, AI experts will be assisting the groups both online and on site.

The Festival

For the first time in Barcelona, Sónar will organize the AI and Music Festival, focused on the application of and challenges surrounding the use of Artificial Intelligence in musical creation. The festival is organized by Sónar, the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), béteve and the European Commission as part of the S+T+ARTS initiative. The festival will take on a hybrid format, with live performances, in-situ programming and online exclusives, designed and created specifically to engage with digital audiences.

Unite! really encourages all its' students to join this challenge so that you can come to Barcelona and meet your peers!