1 June 2022
Launch of the Autumn series of the Unite! virtual language and global competence courses
Unite! students can access the new autumn offer of online language courses, communication and global skills offered by the member universities of Unite!
The Unite! Multilingual and Multicultural Training Centre has launched the new autumn series of Virtual learning tools and Language learning. These course offer students the possibility to improve their global competence, their ability to communicate and work effectively with people of different backgrounds through language and culture courses. The courses can be taken online and its an opportunity to learn with students from other European universities. Participating in this offer of courses, the student will be able to improve his knowledge of some of the nine official languages of the alliance.

As a rule, we strive for a flexible multilingualism in Unite! which includes: English as the dominant language of instruction at M.Sc. and Ph.D. level, as well as the local language and culture of the partner university. As an alliance we aim to promote common European values and a strong European identity.  That is why the Multilingual and Multicultural Training Center helps the student community by offering them the guidance and services necessary to ensure the integration and promotion of culture through language. These series of Virtual learning tools and Language learning are aimed to help students within Unite! develop the linguistic and cultural competencies it takes to thrive and enjoy the benefits of living together in a globalised and culturally diverse world. 

The application process for the first courses has already started with the offer from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, which includes English, Swedish and Intercultural competence, taking place between August and October. More new courses will be added in the future with the offer from the other Unite! universities. You can follow up all the opportunities available in this autumn series in their specific Virtual exchange courses on Metacampus.

More information

For additional information on the courses about their content, learning outcomes, requirements, etc., access Metacampus Unite! and click the course title. To enrol yourself follow the 'apply here' link under the course title. Requests are processed in order of arrival.