24 August 2020
UNITE! Recap
The first 9 months of UNITE! have been as exciting as challenging. But challenges are the best opportunity to grow, and in UNITE! we took the chance head-first. Here are some of the highlights of our journey.

UNITE! University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering is a bottom-up network of universities in seven countries that aims at setting a new model for a European virtual and physical inter-university campus. Funded by the Erasmus+ Framework of the European Union, UNITE! is one of the pioneer Alliances of the European Universities InitiativeThe long history of cooperation among our partners allowed us to swiftly get into action.

Since its birth in November 2019, UNITE!:

-has efficiently launched by establishing a solid structure and cohesive organisation within the Alliance.

-has strategically implemented the internal and external channels of UNITE! to ensure a meaningful and consistent flow of information among partners and to the rest of the community.

-has started the realisation of the European inter-university campus through the different UNITE! missions (see Actions), each propelled by a dedicated Task Force of experts. Some ongoing projects are: joint inter-university programmes (e.g. a pilot project for virtual credit mobility in Energy), a joint digital-learning platform, the virtual campus, etc.    

-has organised several successful events for staff and students with outstanding attendance (see What's New), many of which were cleverly transformed to virtual formats due to the pandemic.

-was promoted in several international events to audiences that include the European Commission, National Agencies, Member States' representatives and other European universities.

-was awarded additional funding from the "Science with and for Society" call within the H2020 Framework of the European Union, dedicated to create an R&I joint strategy within the Alliance.

-hastily reacted against the pandemic, uniting on multiple fronts including education, research, and societal engagement (for more information, read "UNITE! & Covid-19: united universities for a united solution").

-joined the EUniQ project in developing a joint quality framework for European universities.

Yet this is only the beginning of this journey. UNITE! will keep working to pave the European higher-education landscape of the future.

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