As a student of one of the 9 partner universities, you’re a Unite! student. 

Think: easy pathways to courses, joint programmes and exciting extracurricular activities and collaborations. 

Unite! is packed with opportunities to grow, internationalise, and connect with fellow students across Europe.Unite! offers courses and joint programmes on technology, multi-disciplinary topics, languages, and culture. We also provide funding for building extra-curricular activities with other Unite! students.

Whether you’re looking to study at a partner university, or want to expand your horizons from the comfort of home, Unite! makes it happen. 

Knowledge exchange 

Students sharing knowledge in the campus

SURE! (Students in Unite for Representation and Empowerment!) provides the opportunity for students to co-create and engage with their companions from other European universities.

Image of a pile of books
U! Reading Club

This book club, an Unite! student initiative, intends to encourage students to expand their understanding and knowledge of different cultures and perspectives, while also helping them develop their ability to analyse and interpret complex texts.

A girl working on a computer
Digital Platforms

The Unite! metacampus is a digital platform that connects the nine universities of the alliance, to enable mobile access exclusively to the range of programmes and diversity of activities that are offered through Unite!

Unite! Agora is a virtual platform connecting nine Unite! partner institutions, fostering collaboration in Research and Innovation. The platform encourages collaborative projects, provides event updates, and promotes European partnerships.

Unite! Instagram is the official social media channel to inform students about Unite!'s ongoing and upcoming offers, activities and related deadlines. The final aim is to involve the whole Unite! Students community.